Happy Cells = Happy Selves


          From our body’s point of view,
wellness begins on the cellular level.
This is where cells are actually at work to utilize
or discard everything we ingest.

Happy Cells = Happy Selves page is a step toward support of helping our cells to be at an optimum state of Health.

Cell Our culture has not yet learned to think in terms of how to take care of ourselves on the cellular level. Perhaps, this is because we have not yet awakened & availed ourselves to the privilege of the superior knowledge regarding health granted us through information learned in the past centuries.

All of life on earth needs vitamins and minerals to survive. This need goes beyond the needs of humans. Animals, as well as all life on earth, have the same needs people do.

I find it interesting to note that the Ocean is also alive
needing a 80% to 20% Alkaline/Acid ratio, the same as humans.

As a species, we humans are basically similar in our general needs. Individually, we can be quite unique. Today, we can meet our general needs as well as the specific, individually unique needs. Once these basic simple truths are learned and implemented, our body’s intrinsic knowledge for cleansing itself, healing dis-ease & building muscular strength are supported. Only then a higher level of health can become reality. This is simply the way it is. The things we ingest either support or deplete this ideal function.

CcardiovascularSsystemFor example, certain blood types will do better to eat meat than another.
If you work out vigorously daily, you may need to increase your Calcium / Magnesium in-take to help restore Alkaline reserves & aid in maintaining the Cardiovascular System.
If being more limber & pliable is important to you and beyond your current capability you probably need more Sodium, found in unrefined ‘real’ Salt, Celery, Parsley, and many other natural sources, in your diet.

To arrive at a point of knowledge about how your body functions on a cellular level, implement the easy, natural & simple tests you will find ahead through the use of this site.

Eatting in support of your body’s cellular needs and having muscular strength, stamina, more agility. Yes, that zest for life—without even thought of pain can be yours!


Being healthy really is as easy as picking fruit from a tree!

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