Forward For D.U.H.


Wherever we look throughout society today, we can find many conflicting ideas regarding health. Most are incorrect, many are harmful & some have even been lethal. Amidst so many different points of view, it is understandable how simple nutritional information can be missed, mistaken or ignored.

On many levels, it appears that our growing civilization is aware of knowledge about how to better ourselves physically. However, in the name of convenience, most everyone, from the lazy couch potato to fanatical fitness devotees have locked themselves into a fast paced, momentum that gets further away from nature with every passing day. Consequently, as a nation, we have never been more ill.

Most families rationalize ignorant food choices as nutritional. Children are being raised on man-made chemically processed substances leaving behind whole, live, healthy foods to waste. Culturally, in the U.S., the susceptibility to dis-ease is higher than ever and growing daily. The mental capacity for thinking as individuals has declined since the advent of commercials, which program ‘U.S.’ to eat this and that—and for this un-natural reason or that un-natural reason. Particularly, when advertising so called ‘health care’, it’s as if without the latest ‘new discovery’ we will surely perish as a people.

Since the early to mid-twentieth century commercializing food has become big business with little regard for health. ‘Health care’ has literally become ‘dis-ease management’. There is encouragement to ingest more & more drugs in the name of health. At least in the 60s, ‘drugs’ used were just recreational. Noiw, many people think they need certain medications because their blood pressure is too high, their skin is chapping or their nose drips.

In the U.S. of A., blind trust, along with common disregard for eating healthfully, leaves sickness and dis-ease the normal way to survive. Health-minded people in this country may feel out of place, ridiculed and belittled when eating for the sake of better health. In the U.S. a person who actually takes care of his or her body is called a ‘health-nut’, ‘freak’ or ‘no fun’ since they do not eat or drink like most others. In fact, as the many different options of eating things with little or zero value present themselves, this same ‘health-nut’ is often asked as encouragement to ‘fit in’, “Oh, come on now, what’s just one more going to hurt?”

Indeed, what is one more piece of candy, drink of pop, processed dinner, slice of cake, chemically processed chip that was cooked in canola oil, bite of ice-cream, meal with improper food combining, slurp of coffee, etc., going to hurt? It appears that most people do not to want an answer to this question, but over time the cost of giving-in to this uncaring attitude is at the expense of giving up much-needed nourishment.

Perhaps, for one who is healthy, just one more of a certain substance in the greater scheme of a natural life cycle would not hurt, but one more is not where it ends for most. Many people ingest things with no nutritive value consistently and as a matter of course. This often goes on while under the delusion that they are feeding themselves nutritionally. Add to this, eating that ‘one small piece of candy’ will discourage the appetite from desiring more appropriate food on health’s behalf.

If one is healthy just one small piece of useless substance probably will not hurt. While in the continuing effort to become healthier the question should then become, “Do I choose to spend my good-health on this chosen waste”? Also, “What do I gain when I choose to feed my body this way, and to what end?”

Eating for the sake of good health can be hard enough as it is with the depletion of vitamins & minerals in commercially grown fruits & vegetables. Adding waste foods to our bodies makes being healthy that much harder to achieve.

As important as it may be to life itself,
few people today hold the opinion that it is up to them
o ensure their body stays healthy, agile & strong.

A healthy way of living is not only possible but is everyone’s birth right. It makes sense to prioritize being of sound health in mind & body. As it is, our society remains gravely ill and extremely dis-functional in far too many ways. Had we been taught the art of nutritional self-defense as children, our society as a whole would be leading much more productive lives.

Imagine what it would be like if our culture had always eaten beneficially for the sake of the human body’s optimal performance. Individually we would have healthy lives, from birth until today, never having had ‘the flu’ or even a ‘cold’. Imagine if those before us— along our genealogical paths, would have always been healthy and strong because they knew how to eat and had access to the nutritional foods needed to take care of their health. Their care for themselves would leave their progeny wholesome, healthy and strong ready for an existence that could take on the world. What a glorious existence for us and our society.

Unfortunately, it is obvious that our forefathers and mothers did not know then about how to optimally nourish their bodies, not like we can know today. Consequently, our culture suffers. Lack of knowledge of our ancestors along with the advent of commercialized foods made it an interesting challenge for our immediate past relatives to raise us in an ideal, naturally healthy, fashion.

I think it is silly to dwell on issues about past discretion. So, let’s turn this course around and learn from our past. Let’s add the current available knowledge to the present for the sake of the future. If not for ourselves today, then, for the sake of our children and their children.

If we want this view of a healthy reality realized, we begin to impress upon the youth of today the importance of how the body functions. We need to encourage them to provide their body with nutrients first. This awareness will, at the very least, support the understanding needed as to the reasons why bodies become weak and sick when they are not fed properly. With this knowledge, young people can look forward to a good sound, healthy and productive life with minimal health challenges.

The intent of this guide called ‘Do Understand Health’
encourages the basic premise that …
Sickness and dis-ease do not survive in a healthy body.

If health was the chosen lifestyle found in the hearts of the many, it would certainly add to a more calmer world at large. Surely, a healthy outlook fosters reverence for life. Such a lifestyle may appear impossible in the eyes of so many sick individuals today doing their best just to survive.

Our world could take on a whole different outlook all because we resisted, for the most part anyway, the over-processed meat sandwich with cheese and tasty sauce or that ‘one piece of candy’, and instead indulged in eating the proverbial apple a day for the sake of wellness.

By adopting just a few of these notions and using nature as the ultimate individual guide, simple & positive and also very sensible solutions will begin to become more and more apparent. Even those who tend toward giving up on their bodies health altogether will soon be counting themselves among the fortunate few who are on the path that leads to optimal health when following these few simple rules: 

  • Be aware.
  • Eat & drink fresh juicy fruits & vegetables consistently.
  • Stay clear of unusable foods.

It may not seem so with the over-abundant availability of processed foods on every corner, but it can be easier to eat more nutritionally today. Presently, many fast food restaurant franchises are ‘hip’ to the demands of the growing health conscious population and are, slowly but surely, becoming aware of this much needed change. Though, true, at this time of questionable quality, I do see the upswing of this crisis emerging. We can find offerings now, such as fruit, salad, soups and baked potatoes through the convenience of drive-through windows. Salad bars & Oriental-style buffets, with access to all you can eat fruits & vegetables can be found in and around just about all major cities and towns. If your continuing focus is on finding foods in their purest most natural state, and as the demand for more nourishment grows—the supply will follow.

So, when you go out to eat, everywhere you find yourself, let it be known that health is your concern. Little by little, each seed for better nutrition that you plant will grow in that area. It will soon spread out for more people to learn about. Build on the concept of better health and it will grow. As the saying goes, “Build it and they will come”.

In a nut-shell, being healthy is as easy as picking fruit from a tree.

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