You Can’t Live With Them – You Can Live Without Them!

Most people seem to expect to become ill periodically as though it were a normal course of living. While in this state of ignorance over time they seem to set themselves up to be the perfect host for infections and dis-eases of all sorts and on a consistent basis. This is when symptoms of illness are typically deferred to medical practices. These allopathic procedures tend to suppress symptoms from occurring, resulting in the mutilation of body parts &/or the on going use of drugs which leave the entire body’s state weakened even more so.

While maintaining this foundation of a weakened physical state, stress is adding to it more & more in different areas throughout the rest of the body. Over time, a small problem becomes much more than what it started out to be. For example, a runny nose is often the result of the process of a healthy body cleansing itself. Instead of supporting the action to help rid the body of the impurities that it needs to let go of, the process is labeled a name and off to the drug store for relief from the symptom. A drug works to subdue the wet nose and also neutralizes the natural response the body has in dealing with the certain malady. The cause of the runny nose is left to find a different avenue to take. A great sadness for me is in realizing that this particular scenario hits a little too close to home for most Americans on a day-to-day basis, over-and-over, again and again. This all, when a simple natural path taken could allow this body to simply take the time it needs to heal itself on its own without ramifications.

Legal, over the counter drugs can be just as lethal as the recreational. Perhaps worse, because we are taught to trust in our government regulators the Food & Drug Administration (F.D.A.) and the American Medical Association (A.M.A.). If substances are determined safe for human consumption by the FDA then they are considered legal and to way-to-many people. This means that anyone can ingest as much as they want to of a given substance without considering any adverse effects developing because of it. Everybody is different and a small bit for one person will not have the same effect as it would to another. Sometimes even a minute amount of a certain substance can be devastating to a body. Plus, the standards by which the F.D.A. & the A.M.A. go by are exceedingly general and not always, if ever, supportive of the very best of health for an individual.

Occurring symptoms are a sure sign that the inner-workings of the body are busy at work, addressing the issue. Invading this act with medications (natural or otherwise) will quite possibly inhibit the perfectly tuned response that is already taking place on its own.
It would be wise then to balance any adverse effects with particular nutrients. This will help to restore the body’s health back to where it is capable of handling any crisis on its own.

In certain isolated cases, taking care of symptoms may serve a greater purpose for the time being. On occasion, there are those for whom their health has deteriorated to the point where they require outside ‘rescue’ help, just to survive. This is when their body no longer has the capability to produce its own antigens to deal with certain illnesses. However, interference of any kind will not keep the body from doing its darnedest to complete its mission to rectify a certain ill-situation.

To counter-act interference, the natural functions of the body will respond in a different way. This is when symptoms of a variant nature will show up somewhere else, sometimes disguised as something totally different. Time will tell how taking this course of action will affect the body and eventually add greatly to its demise.

Naturally, the ideal course of action in dealing with any dysfunction would be to help eradicate the reason for the malady in the first place. Proper nutrition will help the body to prevent dis-ease of any kind.

Chiropractic, Naturopathic, therapeutic massage, homeopathic tinctures, herbal remedies, any and all outside help can be of the same useless result if tending only to subdue symptoms for initial relief. Some practices may tend to be less harmful than others. Be wise and stay away from those with adverse side effects, including those that will rob you of your hard earned money while not benefiting you at all.

Look for ways to support your body to handle any crisis on its own. Supplement your health with quality immune support foods and substances meant for immune enhancement to give it the proper tools it could use in the way of nutrients. At least, save the drugs for when you have exhausted all other avenues of rescue.

There have been studies, subsidized by the AMA, that become terminated when positive results occur after application of nutrition is implemented. One such case involved a woman who started to participate in a bone loss study through the University of Washington. It was to test one of the new drugs that the pharmaceutical companies were trying to promote for prevention of bone loss. As this true story goes, this woman not only stopped her bone loss rate but reversed it and was the only one in the study to begin to gain bone back. The researchers became excited about it saying this is the first they saw such positive results. Then the woman told them that she went off the study two months earlier and began on a nutritional program through the guidance of Dr. Regan Golob. The nutritional program included highly regarded nutritional supplements with Magnesium, a very important mineral that helps in the absorption and retaining of Calcium.

No one ever asked this woman about what it was she did or was doing to help form the positive results that she experienced. True, the particular studies are all about the promotion of certain synthesized pharmaceuticals—but to totally ignore the results for a supposed cure… This kind of non-caring attitude reveals these studies to be in sole support of the sales of drugs and not at all about concern over growing health issues.

This just seems wrong to me, and I think this sort of thing goes on way to much. I also think that it should stop. How does this scenario feel to you? Does it feel ok to you knowing vital information is being squelched and that there could be cures out there for the great dis-eases of our time right now?

U.S. ‘Baby-Boomers may never know about these ‘cures’ in our lifetime. When we begin today, to educate the children of our future about simple nutrition and the miraculous healing ways of the human body—given the tools it needs—maybe we’ll at least see the process at its’ beginning.

We, U.S., are a nation of trusting people. I think most of us believe that drug studies are in full-swing to help U.S. to get to the bottom of the grave health concerns plaguing the nation—Is this not what the different charities and foundations raise money for?

Today, there are names given to illnesses or dis-eases so people will have to look to symptom relief. There is programming happening at us from all angles. My suggestion—and it is a strong one—to get ourselves out of the loop beginning now.  Become independent of relying on this madness. take steps to make our garden, along with our juicer, be our ‘drugstore’. Encourage vital energy from fruits and vegetables to help us within, not only symptom relief, for the reasons why we may have symptoms in the first place.

By following the intent of this guide you will bring your pH into balance, encourage cleansing throughout your system via an easily manageable natural path, promote all healing needed & ultimately support the recuperative building process innate in your body.
This really can be much easier than it may seem. It may take a while longer for some when in realizing the alternative, personally, for me it is a no-brainer. I’d rather keep my heart happy, my hips working well into my older age, my energy full, etc., etc., etc., and so “I do understand health.”

Keeping health optimal is no longer an option when eating to live.
When eating with the awareness to live, optimal health is a given.

 Health is not about living forever nor is it about necessarily living for any longer period of time. It is about enjoying a higher quality of life during the time we are graced. Living longer typically happens when a body is healthier but this is an off-shoot, a cherry on top because going with the option of choosing health is an indication that we appreciate our time alive to its fullest and want to support it to continue the best we can.

The body ages, this is true. It ages dramatically when we allow and encourage the depletion of its resources. Nature dictates this is as it should be. Why live if no life to live with?

For those of you who choose to die off pensively over time giving in to thoughts such as, “Woe, is me, I am aging, what’s the use?” or “I resort myself to the fact that this is what happens when a body reaches a certain age, blah, blah, blah… ”, hopefully, there will be minimal suffering for you on the way out. Maybe it would help you to heed the fact that the ‘old wives’ who made up these tales are gone now & it sounds to me as though they suffered unnecessarily on the way out.

No matter what our age, we can feel less tension & more agility along with muscular strength when we embrace the optimal level of health that has our name on it!

Simply, be mindful of everything ingested.

Being aware of that which goes into our body will either help or hinder its’ natural functions. It is our individual choice. When we support optimal digestion by taking in daily essential nutrients & keeping our body’s pH balanced—there’s just no telling where our lives could take us… Oh, the possibilities!

Follow the basic rules through out the D.U.H. program to see sooner, more significant results. Begin consuming Green drinks and Vegetable juice with something dark green and leafy, ie: parsley, kale, spinach, celery, bok choy, etc. The more chlorophyll from food, that your body can tolerate the better.

Do everything you can to discontinue commercially processed products. It is okay to be radical if this is what it takes. i am here to tell you change in this way is good. For you animal product eaters, just go easier, and choose hormone free organic when you can. Only eat when the craving is strong using meat as you would a condiment. Never eat animal products as the main course.

Support your diet to consist of 80% fruits & vegetables

While not more than 20% acid forming foods to see healthier results upon you! :o)

May the wealth of health be upon you, always.

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