Basic Food Groups


Basic Food Groups: The Next Generation

Basic Food Groups: Meat, Dairy, Grains along with some Fruits & Vegetables were taught by the nutritionists of the time, through the past century or so. Basic Food Groups were set up using the Food Pyramid model as the best source of Recommended Daily Allowance of nutrition. From the cellular point of view of our physiology, this was way off. The old school Food Pyramid has, literally been upside down and backwards keeping it far from Natural.

Basic Food Groups

Protein leaves Acid Ash pH

The model of the Food Pyramid that we were to abide by shows the Basic Food Groups with Acid Ash Creating Foods at the bottom as the base for our R.D.A. needs. Meaning that we should eat these more than all other Foods. The Basic Food Groups model of the 20th Century has since been over turned, literally. I have heard that intelligence has seeped its’ way in to change the R.D.A. Basic Food GroupsPyramid and now reveals that it should include fewer sources of Protein and mostly Fruits and Vegetables. This makes Natural sense. Putting Protein at the smaller top part of the Pyramid with Fruits and Vegetables at the bottom as the larger base to choose from is just naturally sensible. This present model of the Food Pyramid is showing us the importance of eating more Fruits and Vegetables. Naturally—this is where it should have been all along. The change is hard to tell but is most definitely taking place. It’s not happening near fast enough in the United States. I think it is pretty obvious why. Money rules in this country. It is the Big Business of Meat Growers, Dairy and Grain Growers that are keeping us, as a society, lingering in the past, clinging to the pseudo need for Animal and Grain Protein.

Basic Food Groups

All for love of money.

The United States government continues to hold onto Protein as being the dominant Food on the Basic Food Groups model Food Pyramid. Due to no other reason but for the commercialization of Meat, Dairy and Grains, hence, for love of money. This pathway feeds the American Medical Association also. The more Animal Protein and genetically modified Grains that people ingest, the more illness and dis-ease. So naturally, this cycle feeds the necessity for keeping the allopathic community alive. Basic Food Groups Our R.D.A. Basic Food Groups should no longer include eating Foods high in Protein. Since our life styles have changed dramatically from the time when we could handle eating more Meat. As a species we have become much more knowledgeable about our bodies and diets. Generally speaking, we no longer do well to eat the way we used to.

Basic Food Groups

Don’t Bother Me,
I’m Royalty and I’m Eating.

It used to be that Meat was far down on the list for most people as a rule. It was a once in a while treat to have a catch. From what I have gathered, over centuries, Meat became popular with the wealthy. It was a status symbol for people higher up on the social scale. For those able to afford it, Meat began as a symbolic badge of sorts. Socially, it was a big deal to be invited to partake of a meal with the wealthy where Meat was always served as the main course. EatingRainbowHealthy Food today includes much less Protein and much more Fruits and Vegetables. Instead of being a calorie counter to lose weight, eat more Fruits and Vegetables. Try Healthy recipes that include mostly Alkaline Dark Leafy Greens with occasional Carbohydrates OR Protein on the side. (Notice the ‘OR’? See Food-Combining Chart where Protein and Carbohydrates are concerned) CelericHealthy dinner recipes can include a substantial Dark Leafy Green Salad for the bulk of the meal, with maybe some Steamed Carrots or Baked Sweet Potato on the side. The information about Meat, Dairy & un-sprouted, non-G.M.O. Grains has perhaps been useful though now has become out dated. New research is showing that yes, indeed these foods contain essentials that we, as humans require, but in these forms the nutrients needed are not readily available for our bodies to assimilate. When eating this way the body is left in extreme Acidic condition. This leaves the need to Alkalinize as a critical necessity. TomatoKumatoimagesThe Nutrients acquired from eating heavy Acid Ash producing Foods come with high levels of toxicity. These high levels of toxicity oftentimes out weigh the benefits that the Nutrients accrued may have to offer. VeggiesfruitSince we can get Nutrients needed in simpler forms from other sources it makes sense to prioritize these other Foods first. So, then Fruits and Vegetables it is!

In Summary:

The two of the five Basic Food Groups which remain un-disputably useful in helping us with our minimum daily requirements & which also rate high for supporting alkaline reserves are, of course, Fruits & Vegetables. Fruits and Vegetables help the body retain its youthfulness. Unfortunately, un-naturally processed & heavy Protein Foods do the opposite. The Basic Food Groups of the Food Pyramid for all intents and purposes should be exactly the opposite and up-side down from the way we have been taught. Fruits and Vegetables should be the base of our most needed food groups, then the others stacked on top of them. When allowing the digestion process to carry the large burden it has in processing Meats, Dairy & un-sprouted genetically modified Grains, the benefits of previously eaten Fruits & Vegetables should be there to help the body carry the load by making Alkaline Reserves full. Also, it is best to consider these heavier foods as more of a condiment than that of the main course.

Keep in mind…the ratio of Alkaline Ash to Acid Ash should be 80% Alkaline / 20% Acid.* (that’s 80% of bio-available minerals through Fruits and vegetables)

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