Back To Nature


Back To Nature

Back to Nature – where everything is provided. Follow Natures’ lead back to Nature for survival of the future. 

In all of its glory, Earth is a plethora of everything we need, especially when it comes to Food. Creator did not leave want for anything.
BackToNatureThere seems to be a food to help satisfy any need or craving. This alone is a wonder of Nature.

Through the mind of Science—a wonder all its’ own—we now have the capacity to combine our wonder of Nature to help us further the understanding of these needs.

Knowledge through extensive research on Vitamins, Minerals & other learned essential Nutrients such as Phyto-Nutrients (Phyto = Plant) are wonderful, awe inspiring gifts. Gifts which, when understood, allow us to further the many benefits and opportunities in support of our regard for living at the optimal level…
…Though, sadly, appreciation for this vital information however is rare.

fruitNatural Whole Foods are best for our bodies, naturally. Whole Foods that are in their most un-refined state, the way it is offered by Nature—contain the exact Nutrients that our Bodies need. When digested, these Whole Foods leave our Bodies nourished & content.

Processed foods are harder to digest and those made with chemical additives leave behind agents that are actually very detrimental to our Bodies. These substances are not only indigestible, they build up over time leaving the Body in a weakened state without needed nourishment at all. This taxes our stress level & can be thought of as the number one foundation for illness or beginning of dis-ease.

back To natureGrapefruitsBeing back to Nature would dictate that we’d eat, as best we can, according to where our geographical area is. For example, in the South West area of the United States, the climate is hotter and Earth dryer. Water based Fruit such as Melons and all types of citrus grow abundantly. These are juicier Foods more suited to help keep the body temperature cooled.

Back To NatureGrains such as Oats, Wheat or Barley are warming Foods. These Foods would best suit those living in the Northern areas of the country where the climate tends to be a bit cooler.

VeggiesfruitBeing back to Nature would mean that we’d take more advantage of those things grown more abundantly in the areas that we live. While in the North, during the warm to hot seasons of the year, we would eat what is naturally available locally. We may notice differences in how much better our body adapts to the climate after doing so.

Man holding freshly dug Jersey Royal potatoesTriticaleSeedWhen back to Nature we would notice that Nature offers Foods such as Root crops like; Beets, Carrots & Potatoes and also abundant Grains and Seeds during the cooler seasons of the year with a slight shelf-life. These foods are easily stored for when the Colder season arrives. It is almost as though it was a carefully constructed plan. Hmm, I wonder, Could it be that somehow Nature intended it this way?

Back to Nature

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This talk of being back to Nature brings to mind the beauty within the scenes of the movie ‘Brother Sun Sister Moon’, directed by Franco Zeffirelli. In this wonderful 90 minute or so time spent, Graham Faulker portrays Francesco di Bernardone, who becomes known as Saint Francis of Assisi. The movie is set back in time in the middle lands of the very beautiful Italia. Back in a time when being back to Nature was much simpler. A time when while walking Earth one could simply pick an Apple from a tree or Berries from a wild bush. There were no poisons in the air or water. Vegetation grew without the use of pesticides, herbicides or other type ‘homicides’. A time when Nature wore Her best seasonal cloak. 

Back To natureThe beauty is astounding in this movie. It makes one take notice of Earth during one of Her lovelier moments. The naturalness of rolling flowery meadows, pure water filled ponds, horses running wild through abundant grassy fields,  old stone-house buildings built from materials from the land. Real life scenes such as these can be hard to come upon any more due to the extent of devastation left in the wake of agriculture.


Back To Nature

Back To Nature

There was a much humbler time when Food simply grew from the nourished Earth. It is still this way in few rural and far away un-worked, un-poisoned places. With the onset of civilization, over use of soils, meaning they have never been replenished, now leaves soil, especially in agricultural areas, in desperate need of  nutrients, minerals.
Cultivation of land has become more of a Science for Big Business to profit from. This is  leaving many needs about Earth unattended. As far as replenishment goes, certain complications have set in leaving the balance of Nature far behind. In the continuing saga of the un-natural world of Big Business, Agriculture’s take over is an on going challenge for our Food Chain.

NaturalHandMan learned to take from the soil but has not until lately, even considered replenishing it. As every good, natural farmer can attest to, over time, cultivation leaves soils depleted of minerals. Minerals are needed for the creation of Phyto-Nutrients. Phyto-chemicals, as they are sometimes called, send out pheromones that serve to support the plants’ Natural defense system. Without the protection of Natural pheromones, the plants’ Natural ability to ward off detrimental insects and disease is disturbed. This leaves the immune system of the vegetation vulnerable and extremely susceptible to dis-ease in a much bigger way.

PoisonAdding insult to injury, through the continuing saga of ignorance, while in an effort to improve matters, chemicals are added. Only, it is a mistake to think that this process is an improvement. Now, in a race toward a narrow idea of perfection, consumers support this activity by looking for Food which does not have signs that a bug walked across it or took away a bite or two. Consequently, our nutrient depleted lands are now also inundated with chemicals that no living thing will want to grow around let alone eat, and this includes us.

This pathetic story of our living Food source gets even more drastic. How do the chemical poisons get spread over such vast terrain of agriculture?

SprayPlanesPlanes fly over civilized areas. They fly spreading chemicals through the air over fields of the growing Food meant for consumption They fly while spaying poison near to where people reside. Poisons that when ingested, either by eating, breathing or through the skin, accumulate in our bodies and attack cellularly. Big business says that these poisons do not—but they do reek havok in our bodies.

Bugs vs Poisons – Is there really a question?

Now we have chemical poison sprayed on our Food. Food that has already been greatly diminished from being grown in soils with few to no nutrients. The chemicals sprayed are designed to kill even a minute bacteria or insect. The cells in our bodies are as sensitive, possibly more so & naturally would also be affected. Not to mention that this practice is also supporting the depletion of the soils of minerals. This means even less food can be grown with any nutrition. Sadly, this leaves Earth currently depleted of minerals in all agricultural soils which takes up a huge part of the civilized areas. The fields do appear to be fruitful at first, since lots of Nitrogen is added. Since, nitrogen mostly makes up the leafy part of plants it makes the crop look like they are healthier than they really are.

I appreciate this excerpt from the song ‘Big Yellow Taxi’ (Written by Joni Mitchell back in the 1960s also sung by many artists through the years. My personal favorite version ‘The Counting Crows‘):

“…Hey, farmer, farmer put away that D.D.T!
I don’t care about spots on my apples…
Leave me the birds and the bees please!
Don’t it always seem to go,
That you don’t know what you’ve got ‘til it’s gone…”

CongressIn a 1932 report to Congress, it was stated that most Food grown today is basically non-nutritious. This was many years ago and it has only become worsened. Add to this, what must take place in those Foods when they are processed, especially through mass production? Another sad aspect of this scenario is in yet another side effect. Now, the soil is depleted and does not have the enzymes needed to break down and compost as efficiently as it naturally used to.

The obvious, most ideal Natural solution would be to help all soils regain their optimal Health status by replenishing once available Nutrients in a large scale. As a society, we actually do have the knowledge to do this but it is not cost effective for the land owners. So this is why such an important thin g, to life itself, goes un-mentioned, un-prioritized and so un-done. I think the only way to get out from under these harsh scenarios is to look forward to when every household begins to grow our own small food supply again. Much like we had to back when. Or perhaps those in control could learn what they need to know about understanding Health so that we could tackle this challenge together as a social issue. For all of us as well as for the planet in which we all live.

Back To Nature

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Being back to Nature, while understanding Health of  Earth would help to restore and replenish the soils everywhere. This would in turn, enhance the pheromones of the plants, supporting the building of defense systems back again to where they would hold their own against insects and disease. Plus, this will help the plants, a.k.a. our Food, regain its’ longer ripening time and so its’ sweetness and flavor. I know we’d all appreciate this scenario coming to fruition.

Looking at the big picture may be a bit overwhelming. Our soils are so depleted today that it will take bigger financing than most commercial farmers are willing submit to—to make it good.


For Quality Multi-Vitamins / Minerals

Thankfully, little by little, there are becoming more and more techniques for farming without the use of chemicals that help to produce large, attractive, tasty, wholesome yields. This Food is much Healthier so the natural pheromones are at work to help to keep the bug population at a minimum. It puts life back into the soil leaving the food we grow with a difference in flavor that is outstanding, like it used to be, as it is meant to be. Food has a much better chance of a higher mineral content when allowing and supporting Nature to its own ripening process. This of course, supports Healthier growth all around which fosters higher yields, the better tasting flavors and textures and of course more nutritive qualities. We will no longer have the great need that we do have now for quality supplementation—when we get back to Nature large scale, as a culture. We would receive Vitamins, Minerals, & Phyto-Nutrients from eating Fruits & Vegetables naturally grown.

How long has it been since we have enjoyed a good tasting Tomato from a groceryTomatoKumato store? Or an Apple that was not mushy and flavorless?
Consider the difference between ingesting unworkable foreign matter consistently, which leaves behind carcinogenic material encouraging the body s’ unsettling demise and ingesting a small quota of protein by way of accidentally eating a bug or two once in a while.


Lady Bug & Her Pupae

As awful as the thought may seem to be to eat a bug now and then, they are typically accepted and absorbed easily through our digestive system with no harmful side effects.Poison

So, ‘Poisons vs. Bugs?’ Is there really a question?

Given the choice, which one would you take a spoonful of right now?

Yes, I do believe it is time we get back to Nature and hurriedly so.

Would you say it is arrogance or ignorance leading humans to assume Nature should be improved upon?

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