D.U.H. Do Understand Health


D.U.H. Do Understand Health

This is the introductory page for the guide called D.U.H. Do Understand Health which can be found here on the Joyous Oasis web site.

DuhThe guide referred to as D.U.H. Do Understand Health may seem a radical departure from average programming. D.U.H. Do Understand Health Choice offers information which is mostly based on common sense about the inner workings of our physiology and how to care for it naturally. The chapters are written in simple terms for any one to learn from. Basically, the information offered throughout the D.U.H. chapters support and even encourage eating foods that nourish as well as Alkalanizeespecially before beginning an exercise program.

D.U.H. Do Understand HealthFor over forty years, I have been unlearning and replacing misguided information in an effort to better my health and fitness. I have been so fortunate to learn from a few Masters. The purpose of the D.U.H. chapters is to share this collection of true fortune with anybody who cares. I understand that much of the information presented is uncommon to average thinking and may stand out as unique. Until  the information is embraced and utilized, one cannot say that this could be ‘that missing link’ that many Health & Fitness seekers are searching for. I can only say from my own experience, “It has worked well for me!” I feel grateful each moment for this information. It has embedded itself into my thinking and is why I am compelled to share.

D.U.H. People. Please!

D.U.H. People. Please!

The main goal behind the D.U.H. Do Understand Health chapters is to help to grow an understanding about maintaining simple Natural Health. Part of growing this understanding is about unlearning the un-workable. It’s been important for me to consider and to note the many misconceptions and fallacies surrounding the commercialized world of ‘health management’.
I understand Natural Health to be thee number one priority in living a rich, full life. And so, this leads me to wonder, “Shouldn’t we all be learning about Natural Health as children?” I sure do think so!

To begin this journey of self-discovery regarding Natural Health—and in thinking of it as an adventurous journey may help to take a bit of any edge off—Click to ‘open the doors’ at the bottom of each page beginning with the D.U.H. Chapters and continue to ‘glean’ away. There is so much information to be had.


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When complete with the D.U.H. Chapters please continue to explore the many pages of the illustrious Joyous Oasis. You may find some great treasures in the way of delicious nutritious recipes. You may happen upon unique concepts only meant to share delight in the world—some enlightening ideas and perhaps some not-so enlightening to every one—pure all the same. Each page is meant to encourage Nature and all things naturally wonderful. I think of these as self-guided gifts powered by the one and only grand sense of Love.

KinesiologyI really believe that when following our innate sense of direction throughout our lives, we are led toward these valuable concepts naturally—supporting life to be a whole lot easier. I also think that way too many people in the U.S. especially, and also throughout the world, ignore this information and consequently, have the makings of a harder life style. And so, to these folks I want to say, simply put, “D.U.H!” = Do understand Health!

I honestly consider this acronym—”D.U.H!”—to be quite fitting for the times, especially since, the double meaning serves the greater purpose for putting “the way it is” out there, and also for putting “it” in its’ rightful place.

DelightBabeI encourage everyone to open to the concept of embracing all information that leads towards a life time of healthful discovery! 

…The joy experienced can be profound.

Within the heart of this writers’ opinion is a place where Nature—and Yes, with a capital ‘N’—is respected and appreciated to the point of inclusion in every possible way throughout the pages of Joyous Oasis including D.U.H. Do Understand Health Choice Chapters.

May the spirit of true wealth in Natural Health be-long to every one of us…
…As we live on and Always Love.

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