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Health Choice, the journey toward self-discovery begins here.

Health Choice is a sort-of over view of D.U.H. DO UNDERSTAND HEALTH pages. Or, as they are lovingly referred to, “The ‘D.U.H.’ Chapters” of Joyous Oasis. 

Fruit&VeggieSignRight off the top, I ask you to please forgive and understand this drive I feel. The drive to share this concept of Health Choice compels me to explode about it, with little regard to politeness sometimes.

I invite you to read the D.U.H. Chapters to learn some of the amazing things I have about Health Choice and Fitness optimization.
Somehow, I happened upon this excellent and compelling information. And since it is my heart felt compulsion to share—I rant on…

I encourage you to then read on through the many pages of Joyous Oasis. My hope is for every one who cares to gather tidbits on how to be perfectly healthy, naturally—with emphasis on learning to be more Alkaline – a great and yet simple, key to success where Health Choice is concerned.

Here within these heartfelt rants, please know, that each of these pages have been posted with reverence, much respect for informed choice—and always Love. 

AntOliveHelping people realize that there is a better, more workable Health Choice available seems a daunting task at times. You see, most people think that we have been educated rightly. We have been programmed very well, just about really unworkable avenues to take when it comes to Health.
We have all been, in-a-word, brainwashed about medical health and drugs, and not much about which nutrients from certain foods do what to certain parts of the body.
Also, most people think of disease as something that attacks a body from the outside. Usually, a body failing in some way has more to do with lack of particular nutrients. Nutrients found in an array of Natural Foods, Fruits and Vegetables.

I really want Natural Health Choice for U.S. as a nation. I’d like it if this series of simple, basic ideas around sound Alkaline Health, became every ones first choice, since I realize what it can do for us, as a people—children especially.

I’d like all knowledge about Alkaline Eating Choices to become discovered and then embraced by main-stream general public—such that it stamps-out the junk food craze, once & for all.

I want this workable idea about Health Choice to be taught through the school system. I’d like to see America being a leader in the world, without war but through the knowledge of simple Health Choice. Alkalinity, after all, is key to Health. It is time now that this information is learned and most of all, it is time now that it is embraced and held for the blessing it is.


‘Natural Health Choice’ is Nature given & approved—and by every body who gets it.

Nature is the best and actually the only place to find Alkaline Eating Choices.

The understanding behind the concept of a natural, basic and simple Health Choice (not to be mistaken with physician health or medical health) is something that every mature individual is at choice to gain, then to grow into. Yet, this is obviously not the path chosen for most who make up the general population of our present culture. I believe this is due to simple ignorance.
DuhEinsteinThis vital information is not hard to understand. It is also not something that is taught through curriculum within our school system. How are we to come to know Natural Health Choice information if we are not taught? Hence, the growth of physicians health choice in medical health, dental health providers, health care, health coverage insurance, etc., I could go on. You see, in these professions, information has been taught. What information though, and to what end? I feel to add, the sort of information being taught to Allopathic physicians is being thoroughly questioned as of late, and not just by me.

My personal preference for our society is for there to be more Community Choice regarding natural health, a natural ‘Alkaline Health’.

To support  ‘Alkaline Health’, as well as immune system function most people would do well to find a good quality source of supplementation. Supplements go hand-in-hand with eating Fruits and Vegetables to help keep the balance of optimal Alkalinity that our bodies insist upon on a cellular level. Let’s face it, our culture has been somewhat remiss in keeping nutrition of a high standard through the Food we eat so other assimilable sources of nutrients are called for. For your convenience I offer these links. and also are places we have found where one can find supplementation of high standards for our loved ones including those of four feet..

ApplesTomatoesI have learned and experience, that sickness does not thrive in an Alkaline based body.

CarrotsWithTopsSince this is a brand new paradigm for the general population to learn about, much work needs to be done for this vital message to begin to seep out there.

For Natural Health to become ‘re-instated’, if you will, into our culture at large (hmmm, like, similar to the way it was before humans felt the need to interfere with food and before they came to rely so heavily on medications as daily supplements) many changes must begin to take place.

BackToNatureWe must get back to Nature. We must take back our senses regarding food source and eating habits. We must embrace naturalness in the growing of food, as well as in the processing of it… You remember… those days, back in time when doctors ‘of medicine’ would refer to us to eat more fruit to help with a digestive challenge, instead of referring us to the drugstore, or worse, the knife.

It may be true that we had little, if any, knowledge about the importance of Alkalinity back then, in those olden days. Eating was a lot more natural oriented though. People migrated towards Greens and Berries that were offered in their own back yards. Eating food that is directly from Earth is natural—a much better foundation for our health than, say, where we are today with food choice in our culture, generally speaking of course.

What is the health of future generations going to be like if this prevalent eating of non-food continues? Statistically, the people of the U.S.A. already rank as one of the highest dis-eased cultures throughout all cultures of the world. This includes the newly born. I wonder about generations after this one.

"Ah man, I could have eaten Nutrition!"

“Ah man, I could have eaten Nutrition!”

There are many of us who wholeheartedly, embrace the more natural way of life. Though, for a large percentage of others, simple basic health concepts seem to have been lost, amidst the confines of a very large commercialized society. The big trouble comes in realizing that, those that give in to the commercialized way do make up the dominant mass.

We must all ask our selves, “What side of this important issue do I support with my actions in my day-to-day?” My advice, look into the face of your family when answering.

It is obvious that most people do not support natural health with their actions. It is because of this that it is—in this writers’, perhaps not so humble, opinion—that web sites like this one—Joyous Oasis—must find their niche.


When our children are healthy is it not true that all is well within our world? Taking care of child health comes easier to families with established habits in place. When children are happy—We adults are happy, within an undeniable state of bliss.
Prioritizing our children s’ health, helps our own Health. This supports Health in general. Natural Health, in itself, supports the society at large, not to mention our home choice advantage.

When we support the concept behind ‘United Health = One Health’ beginning within the walls of our own homes, I am sure that we will find Community Choice to be not far behind. By choosing Natural Health as the only choice, before our culture realizes it, Natural Health Choice is reigning within every one of our households in every area.

Supply and demand rules, so we must be careful to support it consistently, encouraging AllVegies2 Natural Choice over the alternative.

Consider this ‘rant’ as an attempt at helping this to happen. I am adding just a little bit more push to the possibility.

Considering the benefits, isn’t real Food, with the very best in nutrition, what we all really want for our selves and our families.

As it pertains to our families having the best in care throughout all of our lives, we could do with a bit more encouragement in our individual Natural Health Choices. And not from the likes of ‘medical health, physicians health choice, dental health providers, health care (when really this means medical care), health coverage insurance, and on and on.’ Even though there is a niche for these types of services, hasn’t the time come to get past our reliance on them? With Natural Health most dominant in our culture, medical professions are no longer needed as thee ‘go-to’ professions for care & support. Wouldn’t this be so nice? I believe that even physicians see the beneficial aspects of this scenario for themselves as Family1well as for their loved ones.

Though, personally, I have never found it to be, I understand that it may be somewhat of an inconvenience to be a true health care provider for our loved ones. When comparing the fixing of meals at home to the ease of getting into a car and driving through the local fast food place, there is no contest for convenience sake. Preparing healthful meals has always taken  time and fore thought. This is an important step though and yes, when prioritized it can be done and can be pleasurable time spent as well.

In order to support true ‘Health Choice’ to become a reality for our culture, preparing healthful meals is preferred, we must do what is needed to break the spell. Choosing Natural Food—consistently, is the new wave, people. Do Understand Health! Our very lives depend upon it.
AppleHealthIn all actuality, choosing an apple to eat is real convenience. What can be simpler than that?

When it comes down to it, child health is dependent on community choice. As it is, we need more community health providers stepping up to be more natural minded.

Real, true natural health providers, everywhere that I have noticed, tend to be heart-felt and giving. Along with a true sense of honor, these angelic humans appreciate any  opportunity to feed a hungry mouth nutritious fare. The feeling of gifting someone is wonderful. The natural phenomenon of simple sharing is life affirming. Giving freely and lovingly is one of those feelings in life that just cannot be beat.

Eating well and properly takes on a whole new meaning of the word lifestyle for our global community. I really believe that when following the innate sense of direction throughout our lives, we are led toward these valuable concepts naturally—supporting life to be a whole lot easier. I also think that way too many people, in the U.S. especially, and also throughout the world, ignore this important life sustaining information. Consequently, these folks generally have the makings of a much harder life style. And so, to you I say, “D.U.H. people! Please, Do Understand Health!” Do understand the choice for Health! along with its’ many attributes.

D.U.H. People. Please!

D.U.H. People. Please!

I honestly consider this acronym “D.U.H!” to be quite fitting for the times, especially since, the double meaning serves the greater purpose. It is the perfect expression for putting ‘the way it is’ out there, and also for putting ‘it’ in its’ rightful place. When you think about it, there can be no argument. Supporting Health is the true no-brainer.

WellBeingI encourage everyone to open to the concept of embracing all information that leads towards a life time of healthful discovery. The joy experienced can be profound. All it’ll take is for our culture to get behind understanding Natural Health, one individual at a time.

Simple concepts can be ingrained in us much easier as children, like most of the things that the Do Understand Health chapters offer.
SchoolHouseBusThings like: ‘For the best in Health, keep in mind –
How to Properly Food-Combine’

And also,  ‘To keep digestion from becoming acrid, Follow this Chart to learn Alkaline / Acid.’ 

SchoolRoomHere I am ‘shoulding’ on us some more… But as far as ‘shoulds’ go, should we not have been taught these concepts through school? Instead, we have been taught such things we rarely, if ever, use throughout our lives.
It seems likely that we would have learned how to take better care of ourselves through school if we were still growing up in smaller communities. Since growing up nearer to loved ones would tend to foster more nurturing, hence better eating habits. These really go hand-in-hand.

Most of the offerings throughout this site are simple reminders that come from common sense. Natural inner knowledge is afforded everyone who opens it with care.
Offerings from Nature exist everywhere. It is up to each of us to embrace the ‘blessing’ of all before us.

NatureGirlTuning into nature is how to enhance our own individual healthful immortality—individually, as well as globally.

Natural Health Choice, something for which everyone has the right to access, and so, then, to utilize, throughout their lives, would change our society as we know it. This right to choose would indeed, help there to be much less stress throughout the world, and so in, also the universe…


Understanding why natural health choice became lost is easy to see…

Unfortunately, as it is, our general society is not the best place to learn about optimizing health. Corporate “wolves in sheep clothing” encourage the opposition of health through the commercialization of processed foods & drugs.

The ‘sheep’ following these wolves buy into this conditioning—foregoing all possible inherent knowledge of nutrition. The great mass of people are blindly trusting in the constant programming that seems to be everywhere,  instead of learning about how to be healthy. Where is this leading them, our community? I also find myself wondering “Do those guise as ‘wolves’ not care about themselves or their own families?”

This mass conditioning is quite evident in the tremendous growth of the processed food and drug industry, in the reduction of nutritional ‘fields of study’ and in the predominantly obvious; more & more dis-eases popping up everywhere.

Even so-called trusted authorities, due to their own lack of learning, support misleading knowledge regarding what we should all do to nourish ourselves.

Now, we are finding additives directly formulated into processed food to stimulate the desire to eat more. This is especially true of popular flavored munchies and diet soft FatKidCartoon drinks. Funny, isn’t it? Well, sad, really, if you really think about it. This is a really good plan for those who feed consumers for profit—obviously, when we eat more, we spend more money.
Sadly, this frenzy for ‘junk’ is carried on in just about in every corner of our nation, including within our current school system in cooked meals. This is surely child health care at its’ lowest. And I will say it again, this is sad. And this is the Standard American Diet folks. Really, sad.

It makes sense to support nutritious Health meals first encouraging Child Health first. Children shall be taught to prioritize nutrition before junk. Then maybe a little of non-nutrition, for a treat, now and then, never in place of nourishment for the day.

The first Health insurance should be in our own bodies natural ability to be strong enough to ward off dis-ease itself, from within. D.U.H. people! Please, do understand health.

Health Choice

Let’s teach our children this state of consciousness; The responsibility lies with us, individually, to become aware of what to allow into our bodies.


Look at this face again. ——–>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Is this a face, that deserves the very best that nutrition can give?

Bodies surviving on ‘junk’ have only ‘junk’ to work with. Processed substances leave bodies weakened and at the mercy of illness.

Microscopically, there are multitudes of viruses at this very moment, all around us, just awaiting an available host. When defenses are low, dis-ease, in one form or another, begins to grow. It will take hold on that part of the body that is the most susceptible. 

FatThroughAgesTo point out how truly awesome our bodies are, given all the ‘junk’ that is eaten, it is a real amazement that more people are not at home sick and in bed… though, I am pretty sure that their day will come if the call for understanding Health is not heeded soon. Also, simple laws of Nature say that if it is not making a showing now it will show up in generations to come in one form  or another.

Of course, and naturally, the other side of this is—a body alive and well, having been fed proper nutrition through bio-available minerals from fruit and vegetables remains healthy and can tolerate a lot. This body has the tools it needs to keep up a strong defense and is ready to ward off just about anything that may present itself in the way of dis-ease.

Just how capable is your body in being able to handle its priority health needs?


Most people would do better to learn how to optimize their health. Dr. Ted Morter, Jr. has written a book called “Your Health Your Choice”.

Within  these pages is the know-how for a lay person such as you and me, to learn how to check how Healthy our body currently is. To have this knowledge is a wonderful tool. This easy to read guide by Dr. Morter, Jr. comes highly recommended to every body sincere about learning the basics of how bodies function on the cellular level.

‘Your Health Your Choice’ also serves well as a study guide tool for those wanting to teach how to optimize Natural Health to others.

While learning to understand health one comes to realize that supplementation is an important need for people in the world today. offers only quality sources of supplementation. One such line is through where we can also find supplementation for our families including all sorts of animal loved ones.

Regardless of the state of your present health, it can only become better when beginning now to support your bodys’
natural awesome ability to prioritize its’ own wellness.
Help it along by choosing nutrition first and
Do Understand Health!

Oh, and one more important addition that oughta go without saying,
in order to keep thoughts Alkaline within state of Bliss… Always Love!

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