Before Fitness D.U.H.


Before embarking on any exercise program—do understand health.
Understanding the basic principals of natural health puts us in touch with the needs our bodies face, on the level of its’ reality—the cellular level.

Follow the basic guide—beginning with the forward, of Do Understand Health. The chapters begin on the home page of under ‘Body Talk’. It is my hope that the information offered will help you move toward your optimal level of natural health and fitness with more understanding of what is truly taking place. Measures of levels of health and fitness far beyond just simple weight loss await us all.

This site was designed specifically to help support those interested in becoming physically fit. You can see optimal benefits gained with minimal, if any, injury, and a higher rate of recovery if injury were to occur. It is amazing to me, the ability of what the body is capable of, given proper nourishment.

Click here for page on COMMON CAUSES Of INJURY

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