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Body Talk and Listening for The Optimal Blissful State of Body and Mind.
This page can be thought of as the beginning introduction to the ‘Do Understand Health’, A.K.A ‘The D.U.H. Chapters’.

Naturally, when our Body Talks, it is in our best interest to listen to what it is saying.
Especially before embarking on any exercise program, follow through the D.U.H. (Do Understand Health) chapters beginning with Health Choice. Learn how to receive maximum benefits when using your body—from the body’s point of view-on the cellular level—leading to a more blissful state of mind.

FishingBoyWhen our body talks, a feeling of contentment surges the very moment that we become the conscious listener. When ever our mind, as so our body, feels cared for, only now is it possible to quench our thirst for bliss. Our subconscious mind creates bliss by relaxing the body in full—leaving little-to-no stress what-so-ever. When this phenomenon of caring for self leads us directly toward our very own ultimate state of bliss, this becomes indeed, the ultimate lifestyle.

Once embraced, the information within these pages surrounding Joyous Oasis web site guarantees us this blissful state. Once more familiar with what our ‘body talk’ is telling us, our body will be at our beckoned call… for life. HealthyGreenPeople

I think it has been made clear by now that for the sake of Natural Health and Fitness for everyone, listening to our body talk is the most important thing we can learn and then do for ourselves. The survival of a healthful future is at stake. Teaching ‘body talk and listening’ through example to children is paramount to the future survival of humankind.

I believe we all come into this world with the sense-ability to listen to our body talk already built in and ready to take us along our way. I also see how through different types of custodial and commercialized programming, natural common sense tends to become fogged over and eventually denied to the point where it is just a faint idea or hard to reach life-long possibility. As time goes by, warped thought takes over our thinking. The ‘powers-that-be’ pick away at our natural born instincts—little by little via commercialized programming, until we, as a rule, literally do not know even our own bodies at all anymore.

We can all benefit from better listening to our body. Here are suggestions that may help lay some ground work toward this end.

  • PreciousMomentAngelsWe may have a better chance beginning this life long journey as we first, as best we can, imagine ourselves being the clean slate we started out with on our journey as children.
  • Then…

Make the Choice Now to create more healthy sustaining habits. For example; Declare to always eat healthy foods first. When our body talks it is most always asking for nourishment of some kind. When we feed our body nourishment before anything else, it simply feels really good. We’ll call this the ‘right’ pathway toward being Healthier. It is true that for the most part people do not even notice their Health until it is no longer accessible. Being aware of the gift of Health as Natures’ greatest gift is really as ‘simply bliss’ as it can get! Making this conscious declaration will help you to get started. There is no better time than now.

Body TalkIngest with awareness, alwaysThink ‘Nature’ with a capital ‘N’. You may find yourself wondering about a substance. Is it most Natural? Follow this general rule:
Things ingested will either help the body OR hinder the body in its Natural functions.

  • Keep in Mind: Optimal digestion is essential to optimal health.
  • Ask question like these: What is it that I want for my body?
    • Do I choose Natural, nurturing foods that feed my body-Instead of possible hinderence via commercialized processed substances?
  • Assist Natural functions consistently towards
    … Proper Elimination of the ‘harmful’ things (that do have the tendency of building up over time) And…
    … Assimilation of Nutrients for best dietary results.

Keeping digestive organs clean
aids in expelling unnecessary weight.
Plus, it just feels good!

Body TalkI never mean to ‘should ‘ on anyone but as far as ‘shoulds’ go – A body should be 80% Alkaline as opposed to the 100 % Acidic most people are. Do you even know what this means? It is actually a very simple thing to learn. We ‘should’ have been learning it in school for decades now. It is my heartfelt belief that it’d be ideal to teach children how to care for their bodies as a priority.

…Conscious and prioritized Alkaline eating will actually nurture the body with what it needs so it will be well prepared to resist & rebuild for recuperating after any level of injury. The chances of physical challenges even occurring become less when the body is properly nourished.

  • FruitVeggieGuideThe elimination cycle begins sometime after midnight and lasts until noon-ish. Support this cycle in the best way possible by beginning each day with the freshest of juicy fruits and/or liquid cleansing aids like Pure Fresh Water, Fruit Juice, Green Drinks, Vegetable Juice, Vegetable Broths, specific HGreenOrangeDrinkerbal drinks, etc.

regan2Dr. Regan Golob, D.C., Specialist in Bio-Energy Analysis, states, “Toxins are stored in body fat, especially brown fat, which cannot go away until toxins are removed. To lose weight easily, support and cleanse the liver and other organs of elimination. Alkalinize your body with bio-available minerals, through fruits and vegetables, so that it does not have to retain water to dilute the acidic foods and you are going to lose weight.”CarrotsMultiColor
Doc Golob goes on to share that this delicious “Carrot Salad recipe is a great place to start. Not only does it help to Alkalinize the body, It also works as an easy going liver flush. The liver is where toxins are processed.”
Basically, the Carrot Salad is finely grated Carrot with Lemon juice and Olive Oil. Enjoy it along with any meal.

For good eats as well as over-all cleansing to help you begin your health quest, look for variations of the Carrot Salad recipe offered along with other delicious Cleansing Recipes in the ‘Cleanse’ section of Joyous Oasis web-site. They are also very Alkalinizing.AllVegies 

A general rule to follow is: Characteristically, fruits cleanse and veggies build.


Watermelon and celery are each good diuretics, which, help to cleanse intestines and promote weight loss naturally

fruit‘Fad’ dieting imbalances and harms the body without helping it at all. When a body goes without food it will ingeniously begin to retain fat molecules to prevent it from starvation for as long as it can. So, any reason to not eat healthfully is faulty, when wanting to shed unwanted pounds. At least eat juicy fruits if you want weight loss.

Unless nutritionally balanced a body really should not go without eating & drinking for any prolonged periods of time. When feeling hungry, eat. Skip eating only when or if the food that you are going without consist of processed and unnatural substances. Again, then, it’d be better instead, to eat fresh fruits, drink fresh juices, or lots of fresh pure water.


If you feel thirsty after eating particular foods,
you are eating dehydrating things.

Hydration before, during, as well as after the stretching of muscles—Especially just ahead of using muscles—is something you will hear your body talk mention when listening. Always using the purest freshest water possible, naturally.


Click image for filtration ideas …

ABOUT H2o in General:
Drinking water before 1500 to 1600 hours (3 to 4 pm-ish) puts the ‘fire’ out in the body.
The ‘fire’ that supports the burn of food for fuel is inhibited by drinking water. The digestive system does its’ best work through these hours (3 to 4 am-ish thru 3 to 4 pmish). This means the stifling of optimal digestion & assimilation of nutrients when drinking water.

Generally speaking, a very good rule to follow is “Chew your Drink & Drink your Food”.

Chew your food extremely well mixing with saliva. (Think of saliva as the beginning phase of digestion, as it is.) Drinking slowly will keep ‘flooding’ from taking place throughout the digestive system. Drinking Water this way will not hinder the ‘burn’ process of the body as much, if at all.

An ideal healthy body hydrates when nourished properly through the consistent consumption fruits and vegetables and does not need extra water. When juicy fruits HealthyBabyand vegetables are eaten as a matter of course, drinking water is not as necessary.

 Processed foods create dehydration and so inhibit our body’s health—While fruits and vegetables help to retain hydration and so then also retains the bodys’ youthfulness.


Do understand the importance of consistence breathing and stretching. Especially, while working aerobically! Breathing and stretching both support more agility, stronger action & a higher level of endurance. Thus, assisting levels of increased efficiency in prevention of possible troubles, such as shin splints, ankle, hip and lower back pain. Bones and joints appreciate the stretch, before and after and breathing throughout. Breathing is the ultimate goal behind the reason for exercising in the first place.


Sweating is a good thing. If sweating does not occur easily when you work out aerobically, support it to do so by brushing your skin with a natural fiber brush perhaps during your bath or shower. Never wear antiperspirants – especially while working out. If your body has an odor that you feel the need to cover up – check your diet. Also, know that dry Baking soda is an acceptable odor eliminator.


JoyGoal Setting is extremely helpful when beginning a health/fitness regime. To get to anywhere from somewhere, of course, we must begin with where we are. Let’s begin our optimal health quest by taking notice as to where we are exactly, here & now. Only with this awareness should we begin to ‘map out’ our plan on just exactly how to get to where we want to be with our health and fitness level. Beginning a journal can help.


When setting goals toward optimal health, two valuable tools are needed initially. These would be the knowledge of ones own resting heart rate and a reading of where the body is at this time through physical body pH.

1. Learning our resting heart rate is as simple as counting the beats of our pulse for one minute after being restful for a good while, minimum 15 minutes.

2. Being aware of our body’s pH (‘potential for Hydrogen’ or otherwise stated ‘potential for Health’) is extremely important when beginning an optimal health quest. We actually do harm to our body when we exercise during a time when our first urine in the morning is below a pH of 6.2.


Check out this book:


‘Your Health Your Choice’ by Dr. Ted Morter, JR. This book is a wonderful tool to have in your health library for getting to know your body on the cellular level.
I hold this book to be a masterpiece. It is a basic guide helping us learn how to take a simple pH test, which will tell us how exactly our individual health needs lie in this moment.
This book will assist you in learning your body’s pH as well as offer tips for health improvement through optimal digestion and assimilation of essential nutrients.


HealthyPeopleThe rewards of good health are great and never ending. Take it slow and appreciate each step. Not doing so may make the road ahead seem long and arduous encouraging the tendency to quit. Make each moment fun and worthwhile.

Sticking with the plan that got you this far will not only be in support of enhancing your health and fitness levels but it will decrease the inevitability of the down hill slide into the depths of the extreme opposite. In other words, it is good to be healthy as possible now, here and today, for obvious reasons, as well as for potential preventative reasons for the future. Keep listening to your body talk.

NatureBoyAs entrusted caregivers of these amazing vessels that we have all been gifted, it seems wise to me that basic concepts of health and fitness throughout our years should certainly be one of the top priorities in education for our children. It seems to me that teaching kids how to use a video game or microwave should be a little further down, on the list.

Click here to continue through to begin HEALTH CHOICE then D.U.H. Chapters
…which will teach you tools for listening to your Body Talk. 

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