Green Burials & Funerals


Green Burials & Funerals: They’re not just for crying anymore!

No dis-respect ever intended. I truly believe that it is time we put trust back in Creator and allow all life affirming attributes of death prevail. Green Burials & Funerals are the Natural step toward letting go.

For me, it is no coincidence that the word ‘funeral’ has the word ‘fun’ built right into it. It is just like Creator to give us a ‘cosmic chuckle’ to tune into during such times in our lives when we have the need to say dramatic farewells to ones we hold so dear.

And then, there is the Body and the Appropriate and Natural disposal there of…

Human beings cannot be more in tune with Nature than when allowing our body to reach its’ full potential of completion—by filtering back through Earth.

When we truly have trust in Creator
There is never feeling of fear or loss.

When our body leaves for Earth’s Greener Pastures—this literally means going into the ground—So, for me, this is the utmost cause for celebration, a completion of the true Nature in the Circle of Life.

A Loved Ones’ departure from his/her body can be the Ultimate Blissful State, to be sure. At times, it is true for some of us to be tempted by great attachment to the feeling of connection with the deceased. There are often feelings of remorse, perhaps due to unfinished business with the party now gone. Aside from this, though, there is every reason to celebrate their departure into the great unknown. After all, they leave behind pain and earthly limitation.

In either case, what better way to approach the experience of ‘letting-go’ than to plant something that will grow—using Loved Ones remains for Nourishment as the Body fades away into perpetuity.

Green BurialsUnlike most Burial Methods of Western Cultures—A Natural Burial allows the body to decompose, naturally. Since Natural Burials do not in any way use chemical preservatives like embalming fluid that Funeral homes use, the microbial activity in the Earth, breaks the body down naturally, feeding perhaps a Tree or patch of Berry Bushes.

I can see myself sitting solemnly on top of a soft mound of Grass and Flowers while the Body of my Loved One—just beneath the surface—is becoming Food for the roots of the young Sapling planted earlier.

The possibilities for beautifying a Loved One’s final resting place may be endless. It seems much more practical than that of taking up actual real estate for hovering bones—which is what happens when using the technique by the hand of the out-dated, once respected and appreciated, nearby mortuary.

The Green Casket may still be a coffin, or perhaps a shroud—but not at all expensive or non-biodegradable. The grave site does not use a burial vault or outer burial container that would prevent the Body’s contact with soil. The grave is shallow enough to allow microbial activity not at all unlike that found in garden composting. Natural burials can take place both on private land (subject to regulations) and in any cemetery that will accommodate the vault-free technique.

I feel good beforehand knowing that my remains will go back to Earth, naturally, when my time has come to take my leave of Earth.

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