New Plymouth, ID

New Plymouth, Idaho Area

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The peaceful little town of New Plymouth, Idaho is a  focal point for the birth of the Joyous Oasis since this is where B. Ann (Anni) and Bruce Wesley Chenoweth currently reside.

The New Plymouth, Idaho area itself is nestled in the center of Payette County, openly and between the Payette River, just a few miles east from where the Snake River borders Ontario, Oregon.

Anni & Bruce have been instrumental in bringing their unique perspective to the small desert town of New Plymouth by offering a way to perfect health naturally. (

When asked to consider their own individual health, most people around these parts, will go on to call upon the aches, pains and doctors appointments they have lined up for their ailing, failing bodily systems.

In consideration of these aching, ailing systems, as well as to teach and to follow, to the best of our ability, in the words of the true father of medicine, Hippocrates, when he was quoted as saying, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” and also, to “Do no harm.”, the Joyous Oasis offers an environment of natural care and comfort within the inclusion of all life forms.

Bruce and Anni learned that the way to perfect health is in the trusting of the natural tendency of the body s’ own ability to heal itself, given the proper tools via appropriate nutrition… And, that disease does not attack the body – that bodies invite dis-ease when they lack proper attention in the way of nutrients… And, that no disease will survive in a perfectly healthy environment.

The small town of New Plymouth, Idaho has been and continues to be, a place of wealth in good-hearted folks, naturally funded with beautiful western country-side affording wet lands with numerous birding views and the truly vast sky that goes on forever for night-time star viewing… Why not begin the journey here? There exists no better place on Earth to begin a Joyous Oasis. I feel grateful to be here. 😮

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