Doctor Regan Golob


Meet Dr. Regan Golob. He is a non-traditional kind of doctor. Through the years, Bruce and Anni both have considered themselves “over-the-top” blessed to be good friends with this man who has a wonderful heart and an amazing ability to help bodies be at their optimum, whether it be human or animal.

Doctor Regan Golob does not treat illness and/or dis-ease…
Instead, his focus is on the true enhancement of total health for the individual.

Although holding degrees in both Biology and Chiropractic, Doc Golob is noted for vastly expanding his knowledge beyond confines of any single discipline. Through Doc Golob s’ guidance, many people have become capable of replacing illness and disease with their excellent health, naturally. Those that have learned through his teachings are now making better choices, thus becoming healthier, so-much-so as to no longer be susceptible to inviting dis-ease. We encourage everyone to become familiar with Doc Golob and his work:

Using his many healing talents, Doc Golob helped our Bruce become healthy again after he became ill with lymphoma years ago. He first addressed the priority needs of Bruce s’ body, helping it to get to where it began to do its’ much needed healing, naturally.

The most notable difference people find when seeing Doc Golob, is that healing and health-enhancing results typically begin immediately—during the appointment, without the imposition of toxic drugs or any invasive procedures.

Along with his light-hearted attitude,
Regan describes his procedure as “a laying on of hands.”

If you ask the many countless people (and animals), that Doc Golob has helped over the years, the description of what he does may be something more along the lines of “Simply Amazing!”

If you would like to optimize your health and well-being, an appointment with Dr. Golob is the best place we know of to begin. Call us at 208-278-1615 to talk about cost options & time availability.

You can see him in action by clicking through to this link as Doc Golob demonstrates Kinesiology


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