There is so much to share about Bruce W. Chenoweth.
I, Anni, begin by saying that I see him as a magical, loving individual quite hard to define.

I appreciate you, Bruce, with all of my heart(s) and soul. Suffice it to say, I feel honored and gifted each and every day I wake up to realize that I have you in my life.

CC Hats and Squamlette 003 AnniFunnyHair 001Here is a little bit about Bruce and my life with him so far…

Bruce is an amazing giver, gifter. His efforts are mainly endeavors geared toward helping others. His passion has always been with public speaking. Since recognizing that lack of communication is at the heart of most troubles, his appreciation for Toastmasters clubs shows up in every aspect of his participation as a working member of society, in what ever town he finds himself.

He himself, has been a Toastmaster for over 30 years. Toastmasters International has been a world leader in Communication and Leadership Development since 1924. In fact, there are currently, an impressive 13,500 clubs in 116 countries that make up the global network of meeting locations. When Bruce gets the chance to ‘plug’ a worthwhile cause, it is usually the Toastmasters’ mentoring programs.

Bruce has also been compelled to spend much of his time, with little to no compensation, in an effort to promote, to the huge part of the un-aware public, what we have come to learn to be quality, leading edge knowledge about how to be aware of having perfect health, naturally. ( / Perfect Health Naturally and A B Health Shop)

Through the years, Bruce and I have considered ourselves “over-the-top” blessed to be good friends with a man that has amazing abilities to help bodies to be at their optimum, whether it be human or animal.
Doctor Regan Golob does not treat illness and/or dis-ease. Instead, his focus is on the true enhancement of total health for the individual. Using his many talents, Doc Golob helped Bruce become back to healthy after Bruce became ill with lymphoma years ago. He first addressed the priority needs of Bruce s’ body, helping it to get to where it began to do its’ needed healing, naturally. Now, almost 20 years years later, Bruce is compelled to share these gifts.

I believe a feeling to ‘pay-it-forward’ is in play here, with Bruce. The heartfelt motivation that seems to drive him gives credence to sharing these truly awe-inspiring sorts of uncommonly well-known information. This inspiration along with Bruce s’ speaking skills, help to give voice toward sooner discoveries—of these many potent tidbits of knowledge,  that seemingly very few have been privy to learning.

As you are probably aware, unless mass funding is involved, long before our greater society comes around to embracing it, much work is put out there to get leading edge information to the point where it joins the flow of mass simulation. We have noticed it often takes decades for much of these simulations to take actually take hold, and this is if they will at all within any reasonable mounts of time. This is no doubt due to the fact that so much misinformation that has been injected through commercial means—must be squelched away first.

In an effort to help grow the awareness about options available for those who’d choose a more natural path towards health—particularly now, during these harsh toxic times – Bruces’ tenacity never ceases to astound me. He continues to do his absolute best amidst ignorant and unfounded information that is presently supported in this culture about perfect health, naturally.

Bruce remains in service any time, day and night, 24/7, by answering questions from people all around the world, helping them with their loved ones, including animals, in the very best way that he can. I hear him telling these strangers, “If I cannot help you, I will find someone who can!” – and I have witnessed his doing so on many occasions.

Bruce and I share a wonderful life together. Because of Bruce s’ ‘aware-with-all’ over the past few decades, we both get to experience a life of adventure and fun while having others pay for it! Evidenced, especially through our business ‘Have Music Will Travel’.

I have always had an appreciation for playing with music. Bruce picked up on this pretty much right-out-of-the gate at the start of our relationship. He created a mobile disc jockey service that allowed the both of us to share our love of music with people of all types—for all sorts of situations—and in all kinds of wonderful places. We play music for people, who, on their special days—like birthdays, golden anniversaries, & of course, weddings, lots and lots of weddings, etc.,—would usually be in the very best of spirits. Just the way I prefer all people, always—to be in celebratory mode!

With ‘Have Music Will Travel’, we not only get to travel, we plan to arrive at our destinations with our camping gear—sometime well in advance—so we can take the time to explore the different magical areas of wherever it is we find ourselves. Oftentimes, these parties are held in some back woods natural beauty spot of the country, And so, there it is. It feels, for us, we have arrived home, if only for a day or so…

Some of the places we found ourselves playing in were truly heaven sent. This included all corners of many North Western mountain ranges, beach front parties on high mountain lakes, high-end patio dances over looking numerous amazing sunsets, on & on & on… Bruce and I have been doing this for well over 25 years now. So, there are many years of awesome memorable moments to tap into here.

When we play music for the different unique events, we become a huge part of something very special. Something intensely nurturing would almost always take place within us—along with virtual strangers—when we would tune into these full pregnant moments, as if we are a part of the families themselves. The energy is ready filled with love and outpouring of emotion. Choosing the perfect melody with the perfect words at the perfect time, for the enhancement of a perfect moment for the perfect people. All in the name of helping to enhance the memories of our ‘new friends’ special day. It was heaven on wheels for us. It was Bruce who saw to it that everything ran as smooth as possible for them, and all behind the scenes.

Sometimes we’d get so into the outpouring of love within the family, to the point of tearing up during many of the cherished moments, even though we literally just met these people hours earlier. These ‘love-fests’ happen, usually and for the most part. There have been parties that we looked forward to leaving. Though, I am happy to say these ‘sad’ parties have been very few.

Always central to the different parties is the dance floor space. It is set up just in front of where we sit! Not only do we get to play the role of the controlling force for the general mood of the party—using loving joyful sounds—as disc jockeys we have front row seats every time!

Each gig has an entirely new lot of loved ones—of varying degrees and stages of cute & adorable, to even some amazingly talented—It has been so amazing!
The music inevitably drives the spirit of every event and with Bruce and me at the reigns bursts of joy happen and right at our feet. We do have a way of choosing the very best sounds from the pickings. Our music library has been very accommodating!

Usually included and offered with each event is some of the most delectable spreads of food offered a person just maybe once in their lifetime. Over the years these parties have been weekly events for us, and even sometimes more often than that! Since we both have an appreciation for good food this has always been a cherry on top of our work/play experience with ‘Have Music Will Travel’. Plus, we get paid for showing up to do our thing. This all because my best friend Bruce works hard so that he and I get to share the best possible moments…

Sometime maybe I will share with you about our love of ‘Clowning’ together.

At home, presently (Winter of early 2013) Bruce has a live-view cam set up to watch for strays in the neighborhood so he can make sure they have comfort in the way of water and food during this elongated freeze we are experiencing up here in Idaho… He is an amazingly, caring and loving person.

With just an added touch of love, life is ideal. This is Bruce pure and simple. Even though no one else would know it, certain physical struggles that he faces daily, challenge his personal level of comfort. Bruce seems to have an understanding of the sort of ‘master plan’ and recognizes that there are challenges built-in for all of us, individually. We grow and learn from them, each and all, within our own individual time. His are his own and Bruce seems to accept this fact as he humbly lives on, compelled to do the best he can with the best he has, enjoying each moment to the fullest.

All I can say for sure is that I feel humbly grateful for Bruce s’ presence in my life—as I believe everyone who truly knows him does, as well.

Always Love, Anni

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