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Anni s’ Quirks page is about helping those of you who stress over things that are not done the “Right” way. I include this page to help give perspective about the Poetic Justice I take on many of the pages throughout Joyous Oasis web site. Specific quirky things that may appear to be non-sense and improper per usual. For example:

  • A huge one of Anni s’ Quirks is Capitalization where one may wonder why. I, Anni, find myself using Capital letters to denote a sense of respect toward whatever it is I am writing about. To show what I mean, I have much respect for Nature. So, you will find me capitalizing the first letter of the word, Nature. I also leave out capitalization of some words because by their Nature, they ask for no respect.

Some Stressors we happen upon are motivators for change. One such change I’d prefer to see happen is…

  • Anni s' Quirks

    It is fun! & It’s fun!
    Its’ essence is sweet! NOT “It’s essence is sweet.” Written this way it says, “It is essence is sweet”. And that is just wrong! (L.O.L.)

    Another of Anni s’ Quirks – and this one is huge! I realize “It is wrong!” O.M.G! It is unlike how most others’ do it…

    I prefer to use an apostrophe at the very end to signify possessives. For example, “Anni s’ coat is fuzzy and warm”. Similar to when we use the possessive of it ie: “Its’ fuzzy and warm.” This frees up plurals to be like this; Anni is here or Anni’s here.

I realize that this quirk is not of average thinking. This is why I feel the need to have this page called ‘Anni s’ Quirks’. I just simply do not allow myself to get past this (“Anni’s coat is fuzzy and warm.”) looking like this (“Anni is coat is fuzzy and warm”).
I have always preferred to punctuate this way. Someone shared it with me when I was younger and the sense of it stuck. This way makes so much more sense, to me, than having two that are the same when signifying two different things. Especially, when we already punctuate this way with the word ‘it’. In the possessive ‘it’ becomes – its’.

Especially, when I am doing my best to teach appropriate English to children, I have trouble making sense out of this particular punctuation to them. I wonder if other teachers do. What do you think? I’d like others’ (not ‘other is’) opinions about this. Maybe, over time, together we can change its’ current status.

    • Anni s' Quirks

      Please, help me to find the dates in these…

      Hmmm, when we finally come together on this punctuation thing, maybe then we can also come together to make a standard rule to always put all dates on documents in the same place.

    • Imagine the convenience of having all dates always where we expect them to be! Right there, the very first place we look!
    • Actually, if I had my quirky way about this, it’d be the only place we’d look! Since, when it will always be there we need not look further. There it is! Lo and behold! The date is always there in the upper right hand corner of every receipt, letter or what ever we may need to be dated. Imagine.

Anni s' QuirksI don’t know about everyone else learning to get by in this society working within certain rules and regs, this particular rule-of-thumb would make sense and really be useful for me, especially, around tax time!
If dates were always in the upper right hand corner it would probably save an entire day of my life with all of the time it takes me to find dates when I need to be scouring receipts & what-evers.

  • DSTClockThen, maybe we could all come together to finally wipe-out the need for Daylight Savings Time.


  • If you are someone who finds themselves attached to the desire for change in certain arenas I recommend E.F.T.

E.F.T. is Emotional Freedom Technique. Click this link to learn more about how one can alleviate Stress of all levels of intensity.

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