Meet B. Ann Chenoweth, Also Known As Anni.

Anni became a ‘Gluten Free Vegan Chef’ after being greatly influenced by the wonderful Ann Wigmore and Viktoras Peter Kulvinskas in the 1970s & 80s.



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It was early spring of 1975, amidst the woods of South Eastern Pennsylvania, when Barbara Ann Courts felt the compulsion to spread her 18 year old wings and fly for the South Western coastal region of San Diego, California, U.S.A.
Compelled by her desire to learn and see more of the natural settings of this amazing Earth, she, along with her German Shepherd, Honey, of 9 years, had no idea of the wealth—in the way of information about Food and Food’s relationship to Health, and so then, also Ultimate Well-Being—was about to Grace her life style. She embraced these treasured gifts, one bit of information at a time, as it seeped into her world like a dry sponge taking in water.

NaturalSenseAs the many changes overcame her through the years, changes in her name followed suit. Her name has now settled to become simply ‘Anni’.

Anni has always had great appreciation for Love’s Gifts, those Life affirming. Gifts sprinkled upon everyone, as if from Heaven Itself, and why not? Hmm, funny analogy to note since it is quite obvious that true wealth of Natural Health lies within the Garden, Earth—right at our feet. And as it turns out, Natural Health is what her life turns out to be about, Yes, Heaven, right here, on Earth.

Anni s’ journey into the world of Natural Health began to unfold in early 1975, when she left behind her wonderful childhood as Barb, with four Brothers, four Sisters, loving Parents and Pets. She landed in the communally minded town of Ocean Beach, California. The people she fell into as her ‘new family’ had rallied together back in 1971, to begin one of the, if not ‘thee’, very first co-operative food stores in the U.S. of A. The Ocean Beach People’s Food Store is still thriving today. OBPeoplesFoodStore

Upon Anni’s arrival in Ocean Beach that spring of ’75, the People’s Food Store was three and-a-half years old and in full swing. She felt proud to live among her new friends. They felt to her as if enlightened beings of sorts, and perhaps they were, and to this day still are…

After a 4 year stay in sunny beautiful California, Anni can now say she learned immense life-long lessons during her moments living within the wonderful south-western coastal countryside. She has become an entirely brand new person by now, having had experiences that most only get to dream of.

TriticaleSpringWhen she moved to Boston, Massachusettes in 1979, Anni continued her pursuit of knowledge into the world of Health and Earth-Live Foods. She became part—albeit a very small part—of the amazing work that Ann Wigmore and Viktoras Peter Kulvinskas set into motion (through their Hippocrates Health Institute). Ann and Viktoras— along with other ‘worker bees’—greatly influenced and helped to solidify in Anni a life long interest in the magical world of Raw Food Eating for the sake of Optimal Health with focus on Sprouts and Green Grasses.

Alfalfa-sproutsWhite-backgroundWhile helping her gathered mentors contribute to the public, ideas around Raw Eating and Juicing for Healing became more and more ingrained in Anni. Consequently, as time went by, Joyous Oasis is born, due in large part to these connections.


Maleia’s Father, Chris 2013


Falling backwards a bit, to 1975 and her arrival to O.B. (as the ‘Natives’ call ‘Ocean Beach’) when Anni meets Chris… Along with so many other magical adventures during those fine memorable years, her life as a Mother began sparking an even deeper personal interest in Health Consciousness.



With food like this, one can only be nourished, and this is all a body asks for!

While learning from Chris about eating Raw Fruits and Vegetables—especially those picked directly from the Organic Garden they lived in—Anni began to eat and also juice Raw Vegetables and local Fruits as a matter of course. Her easy full term pregnancy went by without a hitch. The birthing of daughter, Maleia, went very well. It went so well in fact that the mid-wife chosen was amazed. She asked Anni (and Chris) if she could keep a copy of the video that was taken of the birth.  She wanted to share it with others in the birthing classes that she offered to the public. She wanted to share that a Healthy birthing does not have to be painful at all, but can be a very beautifully moving, sensual & spiritual experience.


Fun Loving Many Mia’s

Healthy Eating for life became a lifestyle for Anni and her family. Her Healthful future unfolded before her eyes as years went by. Particularly, through the wealth of Health experienced through the motherly care of her young daughter, Maleia. When she looks back, Anni can see that any efforts she may have had around becoming Health minded paid off. Maleia was never sick a day in her young life or even now, as she is older. She never ‘caught’ any of the dreaded childhood diseases, illness’ of any kind, or even colds, or flues. She was always Healthy and Strong and always with lots of Energy! She healed promptly after ‘boo-boos’ and hardly had any physical challenges at all, if any. There was an exception to this when once Maleia visited loved ones and ate cooked and processed food for the first time. She had a rather dramatic response. Even then, Maleia s’ Healthy body was simply dispelling the foreign substances by-way-of vomiting and fever as it cleansed itself, which is exactly what a Healthy body is supposed to do! The very next day she had bounced back perfectly fine and dandy!

Growing up, Maleia had strict rules guiding her around food and eating. This was unbeknownst to her when she was younger for the most part, since she was raised within the bounds of the ‘Health Conscious Bubble’ and was used to it. Being raised this way helped her to avoid such childhood maladies and dis-eases like stomach aches, flues, colic, even simple ‘colds’ or pimples eluded her until she was well into her young adult life. When Maleia became old enough to challenge these laws of Nature, she began testing her body’s ability by eating some ‘average’ things of her own choosing. Something we all find our selves needing to do now and again. As time went on, she adapted well to what works best for her.

BeautifulMiaToday, Maleia is a beautiful, vibrant healthy adult. She enjoys living each moment to the fullest while continuing to be Healthy and Strong.

Health is truly the very best gift from Nature that a Mother can receive for, and from her Loved ones, not to mention, the Child(ren) as well.

2006-03-29 003

When Bruce entered the family picture in the early 1980s, he and Anni took on all they could learn together about Natural Health. Adding to their learning became much easier when meeting up with Doctor Regan Golob.
regan2Doc Golob added greatly to Ann & Bruces’ learning. Along with  other Nature-given Health related wonders—Doc Golobs’ teachings support the paradigm that dis-ease & illness can not survive in a Healthy body. Dis-ease does not attack a body, the body—while in its’ weakened state—invites dis-ease in.

Doc Golob came along at the perfect time for Anni and Bruce. His teachings help to enhance what Anni had picked up earlier in life about Healthful living. He encouraged Raw Fruit and Vegetable juice lifestyle and added in the importance of quality supplementation. Life may have taken an entirely different turn for Anni, Maleia and Bruce had it not been for their friendship with Doctor Golob.


Aerobics00Jumping ahead a few years to the year 2000, Anni began a fitness center. Through ‘Let’s Do It! Aerobics’ she went from speaking about this vast information she had collected  to those she coached through fitness. Later on, for the sake of convenience, she wrote it up as handouts. Since, this leading edge information is not main stream thinking there was always more to explain—mostly to un-do the ‘un-workable’—to make room for what does work.

Over a four year period of time, Anni tested the theory of ‘Alkalinity’ on her own body and was happily amazed at the results. On days after eating mostly ‘Alkaline Foods’, she could ride a bicycle right up a steep hill during a 30 mile bike hike with little to no challenge what-so-ever—and this was after leading 4 to 5 hour long dance fitness classes earlier in the day. Her energy was limitless. Her strength, astounding, especially  for a Body of over 50 years.

Anni finally healed from a life-long, 50 year old malady simply by following her innate sense of inner direction through the imposition of a 4 year focus of an ‘Alkaline Challenge’.

In the 4th year of Anni’s ‘Alkaline Challenge’, bones that had  solidified improperly in her Sacrum—due to a car accident she was a part of when she was 8 years old—finally separated.
As it turns out, the body, through its’ Natural infinite wisdom, was in charge all along! This happened so that a proper healing could take place. Anni was simply listening to her Body, following its’ lead, allowing what her body needed to heal from this life-long injury.
Because of what she had learned from Dr. Golob as well as Dr. Morter and others, Anni set out to do her best to keep her pH Balanced. This gave her body the ‘space & tools’ it needed to help it to heal properly. After 4 years, it happened. Then the healing…

For actual Healing to take place, Anni had to lie in bed flat for almost 3 years. Thankfully, she had her loving, supportive Husband, Daughter and Friends around to help her get by day-to-day. She was given appropriate care, much needed Supplementation to help her keep up Alkalinity to best help the Healing process along. After she was able to walk again, and there was always the scare that she may not get that chance…

Anni committed to create a ‘read’ about her experience and how by being more Alkaline she was able to help her Body through the Healing process. She compiled the best information she could about everything she witnessed while watching her Body undergo what it needed to Heal that unsettling feeling in her lower back from the time she was 8 years old.

D.U.H. (Do Understand Health) seemed a fitting title to help get the ‘Alkaline Challenge‘ out to the public. If it were not for her speculation and drive to follow through with all she learned about the body’s need for Alkalinity to help it Cleanse, Heal and then Build, Anni may still be in excruciating pain today. Everyone needs help in Healing their own bodies, in one way or another, at one time or another. The Chapters called D.U.H. are meant to help.

More to come…

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