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Joyous Oasis

Why ‘Joyous Oasis’, and what is
“Our Thirst for Bliss”?

by Bruce (and Anni) Chenoweth

When I first met Anni, many years ago, she had a vision to someday create a ‘Joyous Oasis’–a place where people came to be at home together—in celebration and harmony to share knowledge and ideas about enhancing life experiences. At the time, that vision included brick-and-mortar structures on expansive, beautifully landscaped, park-like grounds. The plan was to feature offerings for ‘kids’ of every age, such as ‘Birthday Bounce & Bubbles’, ‘Clown Town’ featuring Twinkles, ‘Elder Berri-Nice Care’, ‘Fun Food Ventures’, ‘Glorious Gardens’, ‘Health-Happs’, ‘Kulinary Kitchen’, ‘Meditation Meadows, ‘Movie & Music Nights’, ‘Party Palace’, ‘Party Pets & Ponies Plus’, ‘Perfect Picnic Places’, ‘Reading Rooms’, ‘Specialty Seminars’, ‘Wedding Wells & Wishes’, and more.

Over the years, practicality and economics have weighed heavily on the structural material-ity of Joyous Oasis. The intention is alive and well still through this virtual construction. Although Joyous Oasis may not (yet) exist in physical space and time, it is expanding rapidly in cyberspace.

Here at Joyous Oasis we endeavor to offer sometimes amusing, always enlightening, innovative anecdotes through ideas and easy on-line purchases of things we have found that help to enhance life experience.
Instead of from a store-front building off a crowded street with confined hours and parking challenges only to find unavailable at times—we remain open always, at any time, 24/7 through the convenience of the home computer.

J.O. is the place to come to find out about such amazing findings as—allow me to clarify through the use of this as a good example—we actually know of a Healthful brand of Coffee! This is an exciting find for many people, in fact, please refer your friends and loved ones to Joyous Oasis just for this reason—if for none other.

Many people may want to though will not allow themselves to enjoy that cup of wonderfully tasting hot java because they respect their Health. It has been well established over the years that the acidic aspect of coffee has detrimental effects on the Body, particularly the Liver. Now, as it turns out the coffee that one can get through Joyous Oasis is actually quite beneficial for the Body! I am so happy to learn this, as I had been one of those who mostly said “No” to coffee because of Health.

I find it true that for coffee drinkers to find some delight in learning of a such a thing as a Healthful cup of coffee as an amazing find this day and age. This amazing tasty gourmet brew has little, if any at all, detrimental effects to the Body! I do not want to get into specifics about coffee on this page – click on this link if you want to learn more about this amazing Healthful coffee.

As you can tell through this one fine example of offering ‘Healthy coffee‘, Joyous Oasis  is as leading edge as things can get! My hope is that surfers of these pages will appreciate the artistic licensing added throughout while gleaning from the many ‘avant-garde’ and informative offerings.

Joyous Oasis has a worthwhile mission to work toward. The mission of Joyous Oasis is ‘Always Love’. The motto is ‘Truth is Individual!’. These two phrases come together here to promote acceptance and even adoration of the unique individual. Here everyone is well respected using Nature and Truths led by Love and naturally so. We do our best to enlighten the world with what we learn about Natural Healthful concepts. This includes encouragements of wellness and gratitude for moments gifted us through  Nature, filled with Love. When we feel optimally Healthy, we naturally Love. When Love is held most high, Earth vibrates jubilantly and this is when Peace abounds!

Please think of the different Pages (listed beneath the header, above) and the Posts (listed in the column to the right) as the different streets and shops, libraries, galleries, etc. of the virtual Joyous Oasis community. You are heartily invited to visit them all, and to stay as long as you like.

“Our Thirst for Bliss.”

Years ago I read many of the works of Paramahansa Yogananda, a great spiritual teacher from India. In one of his works, he stated that the ultimate motivation for everything that we choose to do is our thirst for bliss. Of course, his intention was to direct us away from seeking bliss through materialism and ego and to direct us inward, to commune directly with God. Regardless of our agreement or disagreement with his methods, it would be difficult to fault this logic. I know that everything that I do is intended to make my life a little better–a little easier–a bit more “blissful.”

Returning to the memories of when I first met Anni, she was most commonly known by the name given to her by another great teacher from India. He astutely gave her the name “Ma Anand Tarsha.” This translates to “woman bliss thirsting”, or “woman thirsting for bliss.” In my opinion, the name suited her very well at the time. One of the teachings of this Master was that the student would ultimately out-grow the name, at which time it was to be cast off and a new name taken. Initially, calling oneself by a limitation is awakening. Soon it becomes a self-fulfilling affirmation or prophesy.

When Anni realized this and decided to instead affirm being bliss, she noticed that the first and second names she had been given at birth, Barbara Ann, could easily convert to the affirmation “be bliss”.  The first letter of Barbara, when spoken, is “Be”. Her middle name is an abbreviation of “Anand.” meaning “Bliss” in Sanskrit or Hindi. By adapting her birth-given name to “B. Ann” she cleverly integrated her birth certificate with a slightly-coded affirmation to “be bliss.”

If Yogananda was correct, and the “high road” to bliss is through communion with God, we will all certainly find that easier to accomplish if we are healthy, happy, wealthy and wise. Sickness, sadness, hunger and confusion are among the “thirsts” that the Joyous Oasis is intended to quench. We hope that you enjoy your visits here; that you visit often; and that your life experience is greatly enhanced as a result.

May many ‘Bliss-ings’ be yours!

A.L. A & B

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